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x David Gibson, Mexborough Spiritualist Church x
"What can i say im speechless you are a ambassador for spiritualism and you are a really good friend xx ❤️❤️" This was a comment on the Facebook post after Grant donated £1000 to Mexborough Spiritualist Church - Where he began ❤️
x LaneyJane59 x
“I saw Grant for the first time in Chesterfield. I was blown away when he came to speak to me over the accuracy of his messages and the names he mentioned. I had lost my brother only a year earlier and it meant so much to me. I would highly recommend Grant to anyone considering going to one of his evenings, I will definitely go again“
x Matt Cox x
I would like to start my review by saying I am the ultimate skeptic and try to have an explanation for everything. I had a reading with Grant yesterday, I was absolutely amazed at how accurate Grant was with the reading, I cannot even begin to comprehend how he knows what he knew. I can honestly say that I am now a believer in the spirit world, and that is not something I ever thought I would say. Thank you Grant.
x Deb Taylor x
"Absolutely unbelievable spot on reading 100% from grant - confirmation of spirit as only they would know things that have been said and done! Highly recommended - very uplifting messages from loved ones we’re missing deeply at the moment 💔. Words just can’t express how much he has helped the family get through these horrendous months by bringing these messages through to us all - thank you doesn’t come close"
x Nikita Dutton x
"After a charity event today featuring Grant, i’m let speechless. Grant had divulged details of my grandmothers passing that nobody else could have know. What a phenomenal man, honestly can’t wait to see him again"
x Pat Kelly x
"This is a review I’ve been meaning to write for well over a year. Where to start.... My sister and I went to one of his events at Brinsworth and got chosen to be given information. He told us stuff only we knew. The information came flooding out in abundance! so much so that I couldn’t respond, my jaw had hit the floor! I never got to tell him this in person as I was numbed into shock, so I’m telling him now!  Grant Harris you are the best!!”
x Alice Crossland x
"Absolutely unbelievable, Grant has a true gift! Never seen a medium as accurate in my life, thank you so much for passing on messages this evening, it’s gave us so much peace"
x Sharon Childs x
"Had a video call with Grant this morning and I can honestly say it was the best reading I have ever had! Absolutely amazing, gave so much evidence of my loved ones in the spirit world. Names, places, phenomenal! Thank you so much! Such a lovely, genuine down to earth guy too 🙂 absolutely recommend"
x Lisa Staines x
"Just had a private reading with Grant and all I can say is wow .. I am not new to this , I have had many readings in the past but Grant gave me more detail and names than previous ones ... he is lovely to talk to and makes you feel relaxed even when you cry like I did 😢😘 very gifted man and has helped me a lot today with my anxieties .. highly recommended .. and I will be back for another reading !!! Thank you .. love and light 😇"
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