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Grant Harris

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Hello and welcome to my website, Thank-you for stopping by.

I've been working professionally as a medium for about 12 years now, and luckily I’m still going strong. I’m fortunate to have covered most of the UK, whether its by private readings or public demonstrations in different venues. During lockdown in 2020 and beyond, my overseas client list for private readings also grew.

Different mediums have all different abilities that they use to communicate with the spirit world, I always feel very blessed to be able to see, hear and feel their presence when they do draw in close to me. It is a gift I do believe I was born with and thinking back, there has always been weird goings on that I have seen and experienced and I’ve always had a sixth sense of something happening, and it did, or thinking of seeing someone and it happening.

However it really started becoming more apparent when my nephew passed over to the spirit world around 15 years ago when I saw him on many occasions. From then on I went onto start visiting spiritualist churches at the age of 13 where I received messages many times confirming what I was seeing and the reason being was that I did have the ability to communicate.I went onto develop my gift which lasted around 4 years, though, I do believe we are always learning on this journey we call life. I was mentored by another well known and established medium and at this point it is where I met my guide who here on the earth plane was a doctor, he’s very powerful at times and has provided me with amazing evidence for sitters and congregations through the years.

After my development I began doing readings and various charity events to raise money for many different causes, headway and cancer research being the main two.

My most memorable reading was in 2014 when I was working at a hotel in Barnsley, like always with a congregation I picked someone from the audience who’s loved one I could see stood beside this lady, I began speaking to her giving names and details of this person however the lady dismissed everything I was saying and told me I was wrong and the lady who I was referring to was very much alive and well. I didn’t go on too long and I had moved on at that point, then the lady’s phone rang, she left the room but in the break she came up to me and apologised, as in-fact the lady who I was speaking about had sadly passed just minutes before I started to read for her and the names I had mentioned was the people around her and the paramedics at the time. This brought me so much validation especially when people tell me that our loved ones have to be passed so long before they communicate with us, where as, from my own experience, I believe they have the ability to come back through to communicate from the time of passing.

Over the years of being involved with spiritualism and working, I’ve always had another job aside, however I’ve always ended up coming back to this so in 2019 I decided to go at it full time.

2020 didn’t go to plan due to the coronavirus but it has still kept me very busy, expanding different services.

My plans for 2022/23

Over the past 11 years I’ve been lucky enough to teach and develop other mediums. I continually get asked when I will be offering training services, I hope this is something that will return further down the line.

Now Life seems to be getting back to normal, my main focus will be my 2022/23 Tour. With my 2022 diary now fully booked, and 2022 booking up fast, the next couple of years are set to be very busy indeed.

I hope you can all join me on this journey and I look forward to meeting you along the way.

I still be offering private reading appointments, either in person, or through video call. Unfortunately I will not be doing home visits to peoples homes for group readings anymore due to the current work load and lack of time to do this.

I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for everyone that has either had a private reading with me, booked me for public demonstrations or supported my social media sites, and well, without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy some of the services on offer.

Take Care

Grant xx


              Here are some of Grant’s lovely clients.

I had a reading with grant yesterday and he was by far the best I have ever seen down to names and the littlest details no one else could have ever known! Highly recommended xx

Facebook Review
Had a reading with Grant via video link last week , was a bit sceptical about it as I've always had face to face readings. This lad blew me away with my reading , very highly recommended by me .

Grant is by far the best medium I’ve ever seen! I was blown away with what he told me 🙌🏻❤️ I Will 100% be booking with grant for future readings, I can’t recommend him enough! Thankyou so much for my wonderful reading grant it was amazing. It’s definitely an A* from me Xx

Absolutely unbelievable spot on reading 100% from grant - confirmation of spirit as only they would know things that have been said and done! Highly recommended - very uplifting messages from loved ones we’re missing deeply at the moment 💔. Words just can’t express how much he has helped the family get through these horrendous months by bringing these messages through to us all - thank you doesn’t come close ❤️


Grant is based at Montgomery Hall in Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham.

Grant also offers Private Video Readings, for those that are not located close by.

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Montgomery Hall, Church Street, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham, S63 7RD

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